French-American Accountancy

Taieb & Associates specializes in providing accounting and tax services to companies and individuals who operate both in France and in the USA due to the fact that Mr. Taieb is fluent in French and is very familiar with the French accounting and taxation system.

Taieb & Associates can assist both  individuals and companies with the complex rules pertaining to deriving income in France AND in the US. We can also compare and evaluate different structures and scenarios for your US/French operations.

Our French background will effectively remove your language and cultural barriers. In order for things to run smoothly, you need an accountant that speaks your language and who understands French Accounting. Having a Certified Public Accountant fluent in French (“expert-comptable Francais”) by your side, and who understands business and accounting technical-jargon in both French and English will be of tremendous value to you. We know how business is done in France and in the US.


US Liaison with your CPA in France

Owning foreign subsidiaries or being a subsidiary of a French company creates special filing requirements. We can ensure that you will comply with all US and State tax rulings and prepare all your filings.

Contact Stephan at Taieb & Associates directly for French-American Accounting Services and your Franco-American Accountancy needs.